La Danza: “Life is Too Short” (1983) *Wombletune of the Day*

Nice 12" I grabbed on my recent trip by a Who's The Boss-obsessed German No Wave band singing about a noted diminutive hip hop star!

La Danza: “Life is Too Short” (1983)

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Wow! Trying to write these things every day is a bitch. This great 12″ single was released on Rough Trade Germany. I just bought it randomly on our trip because it looked interesting. My instincts proved correct upon first listen… this thing’s got some hooks! Anyhow, I’m tired and I haven’t researched these guys at all. I’ll revise this post later with some details. For now, here’s a good song and that’s that.

I’m on my way to Texas this week, so I’ll be throwing up the song-of-the-day as promised, but I may have to do my write ups post-facto. Okeh?

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2 Responses to La Danza: “Life is Too Short” (1983) *Wombletune of the Day*

  1. Ian says:

    My computer has been acting up a bit & freezing periodically, so sorry about the audio jumps near the end of this song!

  2. J.B. says:

    Hi Ian, it’s so funny to find our 33 year old song here on this website !! 🙂

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