WOMBLETON “4” WEEKEND! *THURS SEPT 18 THRU SUN SEPT 21* Our 4th Anniversary w/ white-hot used LPS from England

Wombleton Letters SKY BEST 2

Birthday Bash, UK New Arrivals, Save the Date!


Wombleton Records is, believe-it-or-not, now Los Angeles’ longest-operating record store East of the 5 Freeway (Sorry… Pasadena doesn’t count)! Yes it’s true… we are now officially the grand old dame at the NELA vinyl ball and the dancefloor is certainly crowded with all manner of sweaty disc-mongers jiggling, contorting and trying to make an honest shilling.

4 years on Wombleton is like a great, mystical standing stone casting musical enlightenment across the lush green fields of the upper York heelands whilst keeping the primitive Permanites and ghastly Gimme goblins at bay on the Satanic southern banks of the rushing waterway that divides the kingdom known to our people (in the native tongue) as Pyr Kyn Ty Kyt River. And alas in nearby Figueroashire there’s the pomo-Gothick Analogians always pushing forward their sooty industrial revolution… and I almost forgot those Arthurian sword-forging bastards from Avalon! Don’t they know Roxy had vastly superior albums earlier in their career?

Of course we jest! We love all of those great local “landmark”shops, each having their own specialty and wonderful character, but this coming Thursday September 18th come 8pm it’s all about Wombleton. We’ll be having our 4th anniversary party kick-off with oodles of fresh used LPs we just brought back from England the other day (**see pix below**). Also we will be selling a very very limited quantity of T-shirts & concert swag we brought back from the highly exclusive & sold-out Kate Bush performances going on presently in London. These items are only available to buy at the gigs, so we bought a few extra things to give some LA folks the chance to own a souvenir from this unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime musical event- so it’s first come, first served on that stuff. We hope to see you this weekend- please come and buy a record so we can make it to 5!!!



UK vinyl first pressings Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden, Stone Roses, Rockets – Plasteroid, Ludus, Fates – Furia, Kings of Convenience, Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque, Pretty Things – SF Sorrow, Morrissey – Vauxhall and I, Spiritualized – Pure Phase, Antena – Camino del Sol


UK vinyl first press original: Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (Pink Island), The Fall – Perverted by Language, Shop Assistants, Ghost Dog soundtrack, R. Stevie Moore – What’s The Point, Felt – Penelope Tree, Direct Hits on Whaam!, Go Betweens – Send Me A Lullaby, A Raincoat – Digalongamacs, Can – Tago Mago UK, Eno & Cluster – Old Land


Original UK 1st press Black Sabbath – Paranoid Vertigo Swirl, TV Personalities – Mummy You’re Not Watching Me, Tall Dwarfs – Louis Likes His Daily Dip Flying Nun Orig NZ, Jet UK glam post-John’s Children, Wire – Pink Flag, Supergrass I Should Coco, Sun City Girls – Live From Planet Boomerang, Back In Denim Boys Own Recordings, Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures Factory


Troggs – Mixed Bag, Bridget St. John – Jumblequeen, Orange Juice – you Can’t Hide Your Love Forever, Smiths – Meat is Murder Rough Trade, Lee Scratch Perry, PIL Metal Box orig with inserts, Sundays – Blind, Dave Ball – In Strict Tempo Some Bizarre, Lora Logic – Pedigree Charm UK first pressings for sale Wombleton Los Angeles


Pink Fairies – Kings of Oblivion UK 1st gatefold, Smiths – The Queen is Dead, Cure – Kiss Me with bonus 12, Blossom Toes – Marmalade original, Neu 75, Go Betweens – Liberty Belle, Depeche Mode Violator, Suburban Lawns, My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything (Creation orig), Faust at our L.A. retail record shop in Highland Park


Ceramic Hello (Canada original), Lemon Kittens, Slapp Happy – Acnalbasac Noom, Morrissey – Kill Uncle UK 1st, Annette Peacock, Cleaners from Venus – Going to England, This Heat, Neu 2 (green Brain german 1st), Rational Youth, Dschinn, Felt – Pictorial Jackson review ALL AT WOMBLETON SEPTEMBER 18, 2014


UK first press vinyl issue Nick Drake – Pink Moon (Island) earliest matrix Under En Sort Sol, This Heat – Deceit, Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas, Throbbing Gristle – Box Set (complete), Denim on Ice, Chrome box, Guru Guru, Raiders of the Lost Dub, Saint Etienne – Fox Base Alpha, Dzyan (rare Krautrock), Osmose, Spacemen 3 – Recurring – Wombleton Records Los Angeles best record store


Let the pricing begin… who needs popsike when you’ve got… Countryman Cider: genuine non-fizzy scrumpy hand-carried from Devon! That explains why you may see some expensive Wurzels LPs in the fancy glass case at Wombleton next Thursday night!


Kate says: “I pity the fool who don’t shop at Wombleton Records!”

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