WOMBLETON REFRESHED for SUMMER! Flood washes away the crud; NEW CHEAP 45s & LPs – TONS OF THEM


It’s been a comedy of errors. Back in June we spent weeks working late and put out around 3500 cheapee $2 LPs on the floor, our first cheap section in years comprising many interesting markdowns and surprises… and then we had a big flood about 10 days later. We lost them all but a few hundred and I’d already dumpster’d 2000 just before then. So we added a couple of hundred deuces that were left in the back and then set about refreshing the shelves- adding catalog and oddities and doubles. Tons of them. We have browsable bins now under some of the shelves and have taken our first stab at a semi-legit country section (and folk). You can pull up a chair and it’s the easiest flipping in the shop. Come take a look… there’s lots in there new, cheaper and weirder than we’ve had in several years. Plus a brand new 45rpm party pile of a couple of thousand+ $1 70s/80s lost classics & Every 1’s a winner at Wombleton this summer!

IMG_2544 IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548 IMG_2549 IMG_2550


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